A basic street bascket ball game

ok a couple of notice:
-no textures, sound or any eye-candy of any sort at the moment on the game
-bascketball does not have any bouncing physics
-cant seem to make the hoop ‘cloth like’
-some collision buggs/problems
-about 40% done

feel free to give me some feed backs;)
check out my site (its not a REAL site but its preatty cool:yes:)www.wix.com/gmdannz/gmdannz
also…I hope its ok to say it here but im look to form or join a team


go some music, sounds and textures ready for use, but i’ll go more on depth with that when im near finished

This kinda looks like a game to me, you might want to post in the games section, not the artwork section…


hmmm…game section as in -Finished Projects…?
cause this is a game but its a Work in Progress…so thats why i posted it here…my bad if I misunderstood.

Plus i thought u post artwork at the form gallery…forgive me im kinda new here.