a bathroom - first "quite serious" work

hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum and one of my firsts works, i would ask you for some critics about the work:
the actual purpose of the rendering is convincing that the box at the side of the shower is not so terrible looking,
i am not so skilled and this is my fist compositing try at all, so i’d really like to know your opinion in order to improve both my ability and my image!

the towels are quite the same of Andrew Price’s tutorial, exept that there is no particle system on it (i have a very poor hardware, a million particles gives me a segmentation fault), so i have decided that they are made by microfiber(not a bug but a feauture:no:).

Very nice! I have the same issue with hair particles because I use a 1GB GPU. :slight_smile: The thing missing for me is a rug on the floor. BTW I’ve used just an image for a rug, so you don’t have to use hair particles.

thank for the advice, i’ll try with an heavy displacement!