A beginner's first attempt

Hi guys, this is my first ever sculpt using Blender. (It’s so intuitive, I was able to hop right in with no previous 3D modelling experience).

Anyway, I just wanted to know if somebody with an affinity for natural forms has any tips, pointers, or changes?


Hi, very nice sculpt, especially as a first attempt.
Overall shape is interesting, nevertheles I would suggest highlighting some of the main surfaces to make them more distinct from the rest. I would not jump into details at this stage yet.
Try to work on some more on planes and main shapes then go deeper with resolution.
When resolution is pretty decent ( about 2million) try to add some more details around areas like eyes, lips and nose.
Try do distinguish some areas and find some intersting detail flow.
Last thing, for presentation try to put some more direct light to show how those topology looks.
Shadow and light are the best way to check out how it works.
I done some ugly and fast sketch trying to show what I mean.
Sorry if I interfered too much in yours design :slight_smile:

Good work !

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Hi! I actually love your tips! I just headed straight in with no idea what I was actually sculpting as a sort of “test” but I ended up really liking the result and want to see how far I can push the aesthetic. Thank you!