A beginner's questions

For an important project I am looking at a number of “platforms”, including Blender Game Engine which seems to be very attractive to me!

My requirements are not really “game specific” but more “virtual worlds”:

  • several visitors connecting into the same virtual world
  • they should be able to chat/IM using little windows, to see each other etc…
  • I need to collect statistics on number of users, what they do,…
  • it should be secure
  • e-commerce should be possible within the world
  • teleporting would be nice, as well as kind of “flying mode” (like in Second Life)
  • avatar mode / 3rd person viewpoint
  • from within a gaming world is it possible, when a visitor/player clicks on an object, to (1) first display a set of text lines (e.g. within a specific world window), containing also a standard www URL, (2) when the visitor then clicks on this URL, the system opens a conventional www window for this URL ?
  • the biggest issue is around networking: as a minimum there should be a master or server system able to synchronize the clients at connecting time-- after that one can imagine they synchronize directly in peer-to-peer mode; however the server I have available is not accepting C++ libraries – which means that I cannot use Blender Game Engine on this server/master – how can I synchronize the clients then ? For instance can I write a Python CGI to do this ? Any hints/pointers ?

Many thanks in advance,

you’re a lucky guy:



True that I am usually lucky in what I do :slight_smile:
I already had a look at the BZoo site-- looks promising for me to go in depth of it :yes:
Probably I’ll come with a few questions soon …



I started to try the BZoo world, but … please help … I want to use it (sincerely) .

1- the first window is … with so big fonts … why ?? for people with Disabilities ?
2- when wanting to play local it asks to start the server, but then it … loops asking the question again (option 1.) - why ?
3- after playing several times it left me with … 2000 empty files ! To be deleted manually… Is it normal ?
4- when text/menus appears (F2, F3) it is not always possible to do anything !? Why ?
5- very often when trying to connectg I get the “server full” message, though there does not seem to be many people in the world at this time…

Please help …

There is a sticky where the authors and users will help you: