A Better Gallery


+1 Good idea. That is how the Gallery would need to be, linking to the original thread instead creating a new one.

+1 That is also a good idea Richard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially adding of new renders is a little abandoned. There were some really good ones in the Finished projects.

Moved from “General Forums > Blender and CG Discussions” to “Support > Blender Artists Website Support”


Because requesting a feature to be improved/added to BlenderArtists.org is a support request.

The people who would implement the feature you’re requesting.


A good idea is a good idea. It doesn’t need numbers. This is a good idea (and it’s been suggested before). I’ve moved it to the proper location so it won’t be lost.

It’s a shame you feel that you’ve somehow been slighted by this.

The gallery needs to lose the forum look.

A fantastic idea and agree with Fweeb and it gets more visibility to the team here. Sorry to see the originator the post unhappy and this is something we would love to see integrated as well. Please keep ideas coming!

Happy Blending!