A better NLA. ( video )

i think , there is a way to improve the nla window . right now we can only have one action in one horizontal line , even the same action if i want to repeat it it uses a new line , this is crazy if you have many actions.

if they would introduce the way many audio sequencers do it , we would save a lotta space,

check it out. :wink:

This is one of the things that is already on my todo list for an improved NLA editor.


yes ,please ! you are a developer of blender ?

That example of Fruty Loops was cool,
Iโ€™m producing music with FL Studio, since version 2. If I only knew Blender
as much I know about FL Studio, I would be a pro =D

Make it work like After Effects!

I donโ€™t know about After Effects, but I second that request by TweakingKnobs.
Aligorith - you rock.