A bicycle...


A WIP for a site of programming (www.moteurprog.com) where one speaks about Blender. It was asked to us to create something in report/ratio with a means of transport… I chose this good bicycle, nostalgia of our childhood.

Miss some details, but I think of stopping there.

I have even a large concern on the level of the pedals… of not turning little!!!




Thanks for looking,

P.S. : Afflicted for my English…

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Very nice pics! :o
the metal is very covincent! The chain, the pedal, everything is great about the model it self, but IMHO you should try making a scene for it. if its white that you want, like for a publishing company. thats ok, but then you should use some more anti-aliasing on pic2. Thats just my opinion.

Great work! Waiting to see more.


Thank you for your comments, Daniel…

The proportion between the elements of the bicycle are a little with the ` node '… bus modelled without model.

I played on the filters of anti-aliasing (Mitch, Catroom, Gauss…), and although I regulated on OSA 16x, it remains still crenellation. A solution?



mblur + osa. use mblur on single frame, do NOT animate anything in your scene.

have a coffee or two …

Very nice renders.

I like the materials and modeling. My only real crit is, that the pedal reflectors material doesn’t look like reflector at all.

very nice stuff, the only things i can see wrong is:

  • as Hippie mentioned, the reflector material isnt too hot,
  • the front sprocket sticks into the wheel frame,
  • the tubing has no thickness (or it needs an end plate)

Looks awesome! The metal is very convincing. My crits are that the reflectors could use a better material, maybe a bumpmap too. And the tires could use some tread. They look completely smooth.

looks really good!

2 points…
first: the frame is too high, the seat must be way lower than it is in your model
second: the “last” chain part in the 3rd pic on the left end is crooked

maybe add some more detail…please :wink:

It appears that the pedal sprocket and the wheel sprocket have two different teeth patterns. The Rear being smaller. I think the front sprocket teeth should have been more added and fixed to match the rear. Then you should make the chain smaller as well. It is a bit out of size.
Other than that. I love it. Great work on the chrome!

With tires that smooth, it might be hard to ride that bike :wink:

The reflectors look like cigerette filters. But other than that its very nice bike. (and like somone has allready said, the tires need more ‘‘grip’’)

The wheels need a bit more subidivision (add a subsurf level or two) and a texture…and what the other people said. Great modeling, and metal material, looks very real.

very nice