A big problem (problem fixed)

tworaf and me have ran into a big problem while developing The Hell Village. The game was first started using 2.41 and everything was fine until the gun would not parent to a specific bone, so i decided to switch to 2.37 and now the gun parents to the bone but the model doesnt show up. Can anyone tell me a way to work in either one or the other properly?

thanks Masta_p

you can make the person and the gun one then work from there, just a thought

Don’t open a mesh in 2.37 that has armatures that were made in 2.40 or above. That’s why your mesh disapears. Can’t help you with the rest of your problem besides what Jat100 said.

masta_p: parent the gun to the armature regular parent and then make the gun have deform groups to the hand bone na tell tworaf that i’m downloading msn

I had the same problem. Take the armature into Edit Mode and then back into Object Mode. Then rotate/move the armature. That should make the mesh appear. One thing I found out though, is that if you don’t assign the bones of the armature an action, the armature will become twisted and distorted. If what I said was too confusing, I’ll post some screens.

Thank you Shn275 for your post, but scabootssca has helped me to get it to work in 2.41. Thanks to all of you for your help.

To scaboostssca: thanks for your help and i we tell him as soon has he gets on.