a big smile to this community

It’s been a while, quite a lot indeed, that i’ve ever wanted to try “seriously” Blender for working with it. I’ve seen all the marvelous advancements this piece of ingenious soft has done during this last year, and finally, here i am. Due to its kind of magnetic attraction and to its wonderful features i’m here in this community, since i want to learn from experienced users and somehow, one day, share all that i’ll be able to give.

A great hug to everyone. :smiley:

You are welcomed in the community.

WOW,that is the most “touching” intro from a BOT that I have ever read. teary eyed


BOT ? Blender Off Topic ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t touch me!

welcome to blenderartists :smiley:

Shoo, spambot, shoo.


Sure…i am a spambot capable of thinking and acting…my programmer should be hired at a high price for what he has done…baaahhhh…

@Jeepster: Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to kill your programmer for making a smart BOT - it will kill/spam us all.

Welcome to the forums :stuck_out_tongue: - nice avatar by the way

@nicktechyguy : Thanks dude. :slight_smile:

Yikes,a smart/free thinking BOT. MyGawd what will programmers think of next.

Looks like kbot will have someone to play with now.

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