A big thank you to all the Blender folks who helped.

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This is a thank you to all the blender folks who had the patience to teach me how to do the different tasks needed.

I selected 125 old pics to put into a video. Just one pic after another is boring. So I used blender to make the 5 videos. Then I put them into pinnacle software cos I know how to use it and make a menu.

First the menu has flying flags
Then there is a model of the viewmaster. The the pics look like they are seen thru a viewmaster.
Next I just did a bunch of pics on cards being tossed onto a table.
Then I made a poster with blender including a lattice? To bend the text.
And a camera follows a track- the drapes open etc.
Then the big one. A globe with the route marked out in red as the globe turns.
And pics appear in a film looking setting.
Finally a book with turning pages that bend one way then the other.

Many folks could have done it easier and faster. But it is a big deal for me.
I was advised to just take it slowly one step at a time –.

So thanks everyone.