A bike, my first long project.

NB! I will end this thread and continue on focused critiques instead. Finally I have put it all together. I have a bike:

current progress:


Normally I have just a few hours to relax behind “the Blender” in a week. That often brings me to do small projects that will take at the most three days to complete. This time I will challenge my self to try a little bit harder and to make a more complex project, with more details.

I have decided that it will be a bike. Almost finished with the first wheel and so far so good. I will take my time, so I don’t know if it will take a week, month or a year to finish the complete bike. The aim is to make it really good… not to go fast with the project.

Will post from time to time, so you can see the progress.
Always nice to get feedback of course :).

(very fast renders, with few samples… all in cycles)

it is looking very detailed.
can you upload the blend file.

Ty @Yashwanth. The Blend file have a lot of stuff not finished yet, so it must be cleaned before I publish it. This is clearly a work in progress :).

Ok, now I have done most of the front wheel and also added a fork, but since I try to use curves a lot (something I’m not used to do) the progress is a little bit slow… but on the other hand I’m learning a great deal on do’s and don’t and that was the purpose of this exercise for me.

The model so far…

there’s something about accuracy, beautiful.

hey, i noticed on the second image there are some odd rotations displayed. is that something to do with the spokes? are you using an image texture for the welds? i’m very impressed with what i see so far…the camera.

i’m keeping tabs on this. i’m a big bike aficionado exsortaair.

Now I have started on the rear part of the bike as well. Added chain, cogs and also most of the frame is done. Still a lot left to do though. Need saddle, steering, gears, breaks and so on. This will take some time for sure. When I was looking at doing a bike I didn’t realize that it was made of so many tiny bits… but I will not give up :).

Pictures of the progress:

@Ironshirt, I have not used any textures so far (except a tiny one on the part where you add air to the wheel). Will certainly be some textures at the end but for now all is about trying to model the things to the correct shape.

Frame finished, steering on place (but need something to hold on to) and some other stuff. Now it’s time to put a saddle on, some pedals and after that it will time for all the wires and gears. Starting to see the complete picture…

Can you adjust the shape of the teeth on the cog a bit? Let the chain hang down, please. On my bike I ran into problems with blender with the chain. In case your blender is stable, you could spend some minutes to adjust the chain guiding curve a bit. Also I do not use pure radial spoke patterns because they have problems with torque. I love torque. I like your spoke details. I have thought about adding details to spokes myself. How do you drill holes in the rim? Blender is like Lego. You can build, but cannot take away.

Thank you for that feedback. I really appreciate it @ArneCRosenfeldt.

I will try to do a new curve for the chain to follow, where it will be a little loose. The front cog I will adjust (rebuild will be easiest I believe), but I feel I got it right on the rear one. Seems that if you cheat, people will know ;).

I find that the easiest way to make holes, in this case anyway, was just to use the bezier circles instead of trying to cut in a mesh. Then it will be almost automatically done.

Finally it really starts to look like a bike :). Still a lot to do like break handles and more parts on the breaks, wires, gears and so on… but I’m starting to see the light.

Not corrected the model according to feedback yet… still in the “add” mode of things. Later it will be “rapair and fix” mode.