A biography of Alan Turing

One of the founding members of computer science, Alan Turing has had a massive impact on the world as we know it. His development of the Turing machine and algorithms led to the modern computer, and his work in artificial intelligence impacted the way we approach machines today.

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Project Description and Requirements
Alan Turing: father of Computer Science

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“the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems.”

You should oppose that assumption based on what you have learned of Turing and add your view/assumption to the essay.

I would like to know about Turing machine. That could be in the essay,
this is very knowledge to impress in essay.

In 1912, which machines and inventions had much to do with
that time period. What was going on?
I would find that relevant.

I wander if Turing was a loner,
with that much dedication to scientific and inventional thought
as seems he had, probaply no time
for playing around and having friends. <-irrelevant

Keep writing, good stuff

In good essay there must be debate with what others say about the subject. And then a final summ up that results in knowledge which sticks to mind and leaves a
sum up of Turing in this chase about him. Or if “no one” wins the pushing and pulling about the subject then it should end in a guestion, that makes the reader be in little nice dream and wonder after reading.

In anychase, grade depends on teacher but the essay is what you should keep as more important. I hope you get something out of writing the essay.

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