A bit of a nightmare

First test runs…


AVI (3.4MB):

hey that’s pretty cool. what is the animation for?

By the way, could you do me a favor and look at my “the thinking man” in WIP and gimme some c&c?

thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what it’s for - more of an exercise. Maybe ultimately I’d like it to be a monster coming out of a wall swallowing a figure then going back into the wall. A way of testing merging different objects and texture animation perhaps.

See comments on your man in your thread.

That is really cool and I think is has a lot of potential! If you make it like a mercury color, instead of purple, it would look even better. Also, you could have the head moving back and forth, like it is in agony.


I have an idea to make this a short story. Guy walks into room, wanders round singing to himself - room completely blank. Turns away from wall - ‘hmmm’, monster’s face starts to appear (just a bit) from behind (cue Welle’s camera on floor expressionist angle), guy turns round, face recedes, wall blank. Guy turns away again - face comes out, swallows him up. Face looks round - sees camera (POV) rushes towards with mouth agape - screen goes to black. The end.

A mercury colour (especially highly specular might work well) but I think I’ll keep the room walls that demonic purple and use a material IPO for when the face extrudes to change to mercury.

I’m using it to learn some of the more advanced techniques of Blender.

That sounds neat! Can’t wait to see it. :smiley:


hmmm. not bad.