A bit of help with modelling...

Hi there! basicaly, I want to be a bit lazy and speed my modelling up a bit - here is what I want to do - first question is a bit hard to explain and second question is probably a roll your sleeves up and get on with it job but no harm asking eh? (hopefully this will make sense)


Ok, so here’s the first probably impossible question - getting the mesh on the left to be like the mesh on the right. is there a good quick way to ‘thicken’ an irregular mesh? Using extrude in the normal way does do the job but there’s a lot of fiddling about to get a uniform thickness. To put it another way, I want something that has the same effect as say extruding right but as the mesh curves and goes horizontal those come down… and as it curves around the same sort of thing happening… err… make sense? And I don’t mean like an extrude and resize, it doesn’t quiet have the right effect. Any suggestions?

Next question is - is there an easy way to create this sort of ‘edge’ on a mesh? I don’t really know what you would call it. this mesh is just the top mesh mirrored and joined, then the edge (laboriously) added.


so i can make something like this fairly quickly


Thanks for any suggestions!

First one: Extrude, cancel motion (Esc) and scale along normals (Alt-S)

Second one: same answer, assuming you already have a small polygon border around the shape, if not, you could use the knife tool to make one.


Ah brilliant! Thank you very much! So easy when you know how…