A Bit of Inspiration

Just wanted to share a bit about an incredibly fortunate opportunity that fell into my lap recently. I was in the Army from 2000-2006, and recently used my GI Bill to get a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. If you are reading this you are obviously inside of my Sketchbook, feel free to peruse. But my point is, I recently got offered a job at Damuth Trane in Chesapeake, Virginia. I live in Virginia Beach, so it’s about 25 minutes away. It’s a franchise that sells Trane HVAC parts, and I am one of two BAS Graphic Specialists there, the company does their graphics in-house. Talking to people in the “hemisphere of doom” they called it (my interview process was scary), they said my portfolio on top of my personality got me this job. They looked at THIS SKETCHBOOK and hired me. I now have insane benefits, I make great money, and I get to do graphics, which is so cool. But, I now use Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max, and AutoCAD Architecture.
I’ve seen people ask recently, “how do I get a job using Blender?”. Well, you might not get a job actually using it, but it can get you a job. So, I am glad that I have stuck with Blender over the years, and the other graphics guy is open about implementing Blender into our workflow at some point in the future. We’ll see. Anyone wondering what can happen, stick with it, good things are coming.

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