: a Bjork video clip :

(pikilipita) #1

I’m making a video clip on a Bjork song : Pluto
(from Homogenic album). Be sure it is made with Blender. You can download the finished part here :


Of course, i’d like to recieve comments about it !!

You can see others anilations by me on my website :
(sorry, most of them are made using 3ds max)

(ZoltarX) #2

Hey pikilipita, That’s really excellent stuff !!! I think you are very talented to be able to do such a thing. :slight_smile:

The only other comment I have is it ended too abruptly. It would have been good for the music to fade out before the end. I wanted MORE!!!

I look forward to seeing more of your Blender music animations!


(pikilipita) #3

The reason the music is cutted with a knife is that’s because it’s just a “work in progress”.
I must reach the real end of the audio track, and so the video will be ended with the natural end of the song.
Thanks for the comment, my goal is to make a video without using ANY textures, except halos, but it’s not really a texture.
It’s the only animated work i’ve made with blender, i’ve just really understand how to work with ipos. Generallly, i use 3dsmax 3.1. for my videos. BUt Blender is so fun to use that i’m going to change my habits!!

expect a new post from me in about 10 hours with an update of the video.

(LarsB) #4

Hey pikilipita!

I really like your style. The animations and the cut fit very well to the music.
I’m also making videos, with a lot of Blender in it, to my own music and your video is a good inspiration.

go on and show us the result!


(pikilipita) #5

I’ve made an update of my Pluto video :
download this file :

sorry, the file is big , it’s mpeg file (9.4 megs).
But you 'll have for your money !!