a Blender "Create Polygon Tool?"

Ok, i am refrencing a tutorial i found from another post on these forums, more specifically, Dave K’s Poly Head Modeling tut.

1.) Is there a draw tool in blender that will allow you to draw a frame of an object in a refrence image? Such as this none blender tut:

He draws around his refrence image.

2.) Also, on that same tut, page 2 ( http://www.thehobbitguy.com/tutorials/polymodeling/page02.htm ). If you notice they cut lines from the “drawn” poly, Mainly on key points in the heads bone structure and whatnot. Is the best tool for this blenders freehand cut tool?

I'm still pretty new so when i see stuff like it shows on page 2 i get a bit confused, if i remember right, the lasttime i tried to do anything similar to this with the freehand cut tool it ended up creating a ton of ugly polys everywhere. So i just wanna make sure this tutorial is showing a good technique for what is possible in blender.


K-key is your pretty much your friend. Hand-drawn knife/cut and ctrl+r.

Conversely you can add free form vertices outside the mesh using the ctrl+click in editmode. But that’s not what you want.

For 1,

Either try: in 3d window, click View>background image and load in the reference image. This is the same method as used in the tute.

or//: add plane, enter Face mode and UV map the reference image on to this, then create your verts in the method used in the tute. (Would be CTRL+LMB to ‘draw’ new verts in Blender, must have one selected tho’.)

Hope this helps,