A Blender magazine?

A “formalized” magazine would be a good resource for Blenderheads everywhere. The magazine or e-zine could include reviews, tutorials, news, and general articles and editorial about Blender and 3D related stuff. It could also help spread the word about what’s possible.

Does anyone else like this idea? Would you be interested in writing articles, reviews, tutorials, and editorials for it?

why can’t we just bring a regular community journal back?

I must have missed the journal. Are there “old” copies anywhere?


there is one

it is a bit difficult to go through them now, but they are all listed (and a bunch of old news) in


also, there were a few (6 or 7?) since nan became no more, I think I can find those


good things, used to come out quite often

i would love to see someone make one, and i would be glad to contribute imagery or word stuffs

Sounds great, skeletor. But I think we need more than 22 people to be interested for it to be worth any effort. If we can only get 22 people here at a Blender website, that isn’t a good sign!

I like the idea, but push strongly for electronic only distribution. Maybe a subscription web-site.

There are many costs, and a whole lot of waste, associated with a printed magazine. For the world wide market that exists for Blender, that waste would eat your lunch. “The Internet is there, so let us use it.”

Blender needs no printed-paper to establish its importance, nor its “legitimacy.” There’s a huge need for information, not to mention entertainment, and a magazine would fill it. But we don’t need to cut trees to achieve a magazine. In fact, in today’s world and this market, “paper is technologically inappropriate and even obsolete.”

The traditional format in the poll was really more to satisfy my curiosity. Now if everyone at elYsiun responded to it with an overwhelming “yes” (not happening) and they actually were willing to buy it (not likely) then a traditional newsstand mag might be possible.

Obviously the PDF is more reasonable, and it doesn’t even need to bought by readers. It does need enough interest that it would be worthwhile for people to put it together, and better yet it needs enough interest that advertising can be sold to cover web hosting costs. It isn’t worth doing if it isn’t going to be done right. This just may not be the right time for such a thing to happen…