A Blender Puzzle

I build models for a virtual railroad. In doing so, the ground plane becomes the reference, ergo, the axis of the model has to be at the ground plane.
Both, Gmax, and 3DCanvas have utilities that set the needed refrence point. So far as I can tell, Blender doesn’t have such a utility. I know that I can move the axis and the center point down to the bottom of the model. What I’m wondering about is, this; Does Blender establish the needed refrence, or, is this something which either the export package for the simulator or the gamepack do?
I thank-you in advance for any help I get on this matter.
Getting to know Blender better and better . . .

You mean setting the object center/pivot to the plane?

Select the plane, shift+s -> cursor to selection. Then select your railroad model and go to editing panels (in the buttons window). There look for a Mesh panel and in it, click on the center cursor button. This will move the active object’s center/pivot to the cursor location.

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