A Blender Quickstart

A Blender Quickstart is my first Udemy course (my 8th Blender course). It is available for free. This course is a quick tour of many Blender features, it is in real-time (only about 1.5 hours). It is not long on explanation, but it will give you an introduction to:

UV unwrapping
All done in the form of a project. From scratch you’ll build and animate a pencil. I hope you enjoy it.

I glanced through some aspects and found the course fascinating.
Simple in principle but covers virtually aspects and there are many subtle hints and tips sprinkled in your narration.
I’ll be back to view more.


Thanks, Eddie!

Very Helpful for Begginers! :smiley:

Glad you liked it, Hanif13!

Useful course. But it’s not for Cycles… :frowning:

Sergey, it’s a quickstart so it is meant to be a quick tour of features, not comprehensive coverage. Since the Blender renderer is a fast renderer (in rendering and setup) and more straightforward to use than nodes, that seemed like a good way to introduce people possibly new to Blender and 3D. The fact that you’re asking about Cycles probably means you are too advanced for the course. Maybe I’ll add an extra session on the basics of using Cycles, but I hate to overwhelm new users to satisfy a few users who probably wouldn’t even need the other 95% of the course.

You’re right John, I’m not beginner and use Cycles a lot. It isn’t necessary to do an extra session, your course is useful as it is.
I don’t want to teach you how to train in Blender at all. I respect your approach to training and I’m grateful that you share the knowledge free of charge.

I appreciate your feedback, Sergey. I appreciate you taking the time! Your work is very nice especially the museum (I looked at your link).

Thank you for watching my works John! I’m glad you like it!