A Blender to Flash MX 2004 converter/exporter?

I’d like to use a few 3D models in Flash for little animations on my website, but I can’t seem to find any exporters that support Flash. Does anyone know of any techniques or plugins? Thanks for the help.

I highly doubt a flash export, but in my usual ranting state I need to ask:

what do you expect a blender to flash export to export?

will it only export curve objects?
do you expect to be able to get animations into vector graphics with full materials, reflections, raytraced shadows and the like?
or do you want it to do perfect cel shading…

well anway, flash is completely different from blender, the best lossless export I could imagine would do curves only [in which case why did you do them in blender?]

converting from renders or 3d models to vector graphics has a bunch of problems, notably in misplaced detail and in drawing glitches

someone posted an animation of a cel shaded suzanne converted [via command line tools] from frames to vector graphics, to flash. The ideal way of doing this [essentially replacing the renderer] would be a lot of work… It seems there is very little motivation to do this

The least I’d want is a wireframe export. I found S2Flender but it doesn’t always export correctly.

Forgot to mention that there was an export to DXF thing. I did that and opened up Flash to import the DXF (which flash does import) but it just hung for like 5 minutes. What exactly is DXF?