A Blender video series where I learn how to model by doing requests.

I’ve deiced to hold this off and instead of it being a learning experience I capture, I’ll learn more about blender, then I’ll do a video series, were take requests of what people want to see made into 3d.

For now this video series Idea of mine will be delayed until further notice.


sorry, if I’m misunderstanding this please correct me but you essentially want to broadcast your learning experience online? What is there for us to watch?

I mean for a new user, surely they should be better off watching videos from a reputable tutor, there are many of those in our community. Lets face it, if you are learning yourself you may put forward bad habits or poor advice in your videos only hindering the learning of other new users which, is not a good thing.

For more experienced users theres no content of value.

Then theres the fact you are putting your early work, warts n all on the interweb for all eternity. I’m not certain why you’d want to do this

Well kettlefish I tend to learn better by doing things in a challenge situation, and as for learning, I’ll put a warning I’m no expert, but if they want to learn from my mistakes they can. Along with that I do know some of the basics and feel I could comfortably start this, just in a slow state. As for putting my crumbly basic renders on the web, doing this task feels to me as saying to anyone who’d think of employing me, that I can learn a new thing if I need to. Hopefully that clarifies.

Fair enough.

I’ll put a warning I’m no expert, but if they want to learn from my mistakes they can
Yes, but if you don’t know you’re making a mistake (because you will be learning yourself) how can anyone else be expected to pick up on the mistake and learn from it? You could just be teaching bad habits

As for putting my crumbly basic renders on the web, doing this task feels to me as saying to anyone who’d think of employing me, that I can learn a new thing if I need to
Or you’ll forever be associated with your early work because of internet searches, and you could find it difficult to get work in the future. Remember theres a golden rule regarding portfolios. ONLY use your best work.

Don’t say crumby renders - everyone has to start somewhere, don’t put your work down. It might not be at a standard you want it to be yet, but it’ll get there with practice. The question is when you start applying for jobs, do you want your prospective employers to see your latest cool stuff, or get search results with of loads practice videos you published live to the world. Just sayin.

Perhaps better than video showing your progress make some short tutorial video that show others what you learned. And example might be a short tip tutorial about joining objected together, or using multiple materials on a mesh.

If you learn better when you have a challenge, then find a project to challenge you. Go to craigs list and offer your services to someone that wants free art. There are plenty of places out there that would love free artwork. Or even do any of the weekly challenges here at blender artists.

as i understand your post you just want to make a Vlog about your learning experience, what i would suggest is to give a short description about the challenge and a short time lapse of your modelling, with a voice over describing your experience or just a nice sound track with descriptive text covering the issues and finish with a turntable of the model. then do an update after the challenge saying how well you have done. but whateverr you do- make it interesting!

Small Troll: You put my idea in words perfectly! Yes I plan on making something fairly entertaining to watch and at the same time learn.

Kettlefish: For the mistakes and I not knowing the mistakes is a good point, maybe I’ll just say that the video is me making stuff, I can make mistakes, and don’t recommend you replicate my techniques. As for jobs, they aren’t my first priority as I’m looking to go into electrical engineering and this would be more of a hobby anyway.

Place57: That does sound like fun I might see about it.

To All: If you wish I could start the video series early with one of my own ideas I had in a dream and try to recreate that, then ask for challenges.

Cool beans DragonHardy, I’m wasn’t trying to discourage you, just trying to point out some issues as I saw them. I think SmallTrolls idea is perfectly reasonable.

Kettlefish: Don’t worry if I really want to do something you can’t really discourage me, only delay me.

I did (am doing) something like this. But my goal has been to: 1) show my progress over time and 2) make tutorials based on what I’ve learned. The key with tutorials from a relative beginner is to make sure I am teaching correct techniques and habits. That’s why my tutorials have been focused on basic stuff that other beginners might be struggling with.

Anyhow, I’ve had a lot of positive response from other beginners.

If you want to learn by challenges - there are a ton of challenges here on the forum. Or set yourself to do a tutorial off CG cookie every day for a week. Or come up with a category to model each week for the next month or so. For example:
week 1 - model a weapon
week 2 - model a vehicle
week 3 - model a cartoon character
week 4 - animate a bouncing ball
week 5 - model kitchen appliance
week 6 thought week 10 - add materials and lighting to your above models

We could go on and on like this :slight_smile:

Don’t rely on others for challenges. Just set your own challenges.

An even better set of challenges would be to think of a scene, break it into the various pieces you would need, then concentrate on modeling one asset each week. That way you will keep working toward a larger goal.

Good luck!

Blenderjourney: First just based on your name I had a feeling you’d be doing something similar, and Second, the having others give me challenges is to encourage subscriber interactivity, you know to keep them involved. And thanks for the luck I’ll need it.

To All: I think I’ll start recording the first video now

Far easier than making than making videos and probably less time wasting; you could just open a sketch book in W.I.P and get cracking making videos is lubricious and boring. Why would anyone subject themselves to that? The less time you spend on making videos the more you have to spend on modelling. So quiet yapping and start modelling:RocknRoll:.

the thing about making tutorial videos is that it is very repetative, as you tend to do the same model over and again. so on that score i agree with tyrant monkey above. as a beginner i wouldnt worry too much about getting subscribers to interact, just start small and challenge your self. you can waste a lot of time trying to figure out some stupid boring thing that a subsrciber has requested rather than what you find you enjoy. once you have a graveyard of unfinished blends and some skills behind you, then you might consider taking requests!

okay maybe I’ll delay this until later.