A Blender3D google group?

Is anybody here interested in starting up a blender3d google group?

You mean this:
and there are a lot more when you search for blender 3d, but most are useless i think.

Well, yeah, but that link isn’t in English and it only has 20 members with minimal activity. I was hoping for a more active group.

that is in englis if you change the google.nl in there into google.com, lol :smiley:

ok yeah well sorry about that…but there is a total of 4 messages, all with 0 replies. all posted with a month in between. however i found this one which seemed a little more active:


Wouldn’t that just take people away from this forum?

oh not intentionally. blender only has a couple good forums to go on, and these are very very active. some users might prefer to go to a lesser active forum, to get a better chance for their question to be answered/more personal community.

it’s simply an alternative.

Hi I know I’ve been gone a while, but I came across this in a search on similar topics…

I have created one for my site and blender, but I don’t think anyone joined it, and embarrassingly can’t remember the link :frowning:

indeed, theres many of em, i personally just mostly keep my eyes on this one: http://groups.google.com/group/TheBlenderRevolution

but if that ain’t what you’re looking for then search on in there, though i cant see why you’d need a special blender group for your site, or you mean just a special google group for your site? :confused: