A BlenderArtist's Noob Q's

Hi there,

first of all I apologies If this Post is entered in the wrong section…

I’m fairly new to Blender, just getting to grips with the Basics… a couple of questions regarding Galleries / Resources…

  1. Primarily I’m interested in learning creating Icons Designs similar to this: http://yellowicon.com/stockicon/view/33/ultimate_angular_icons_
    does anyone know of any good Blender galleries or Tutorials

  2. Is there a Reference Library where I can download share models / .blend files ?

many thanks


Welcome to BlenderArtists.

The best path to learning Blender is to check the available Tutorials (link at the top of this page). Blender is more than capable of what you would like to create in icons.


can you give more details!

i mean are you talking doing 3d icons or only 2D

in any case when drwg with mostly 2D dwg you might use the curves


so check out how to use curves bezier or poly or nurbs type
and also nurbs surface might itneresting with 3D surfaces



curves modifier Tut



and also as intro check out the noob to pro tut here


/hope it helps

happy blendering

Thanks for the Replies…

I’ve done the ‘Blender Basics’ initial Tutorials from CartoonSmart.com I’d highly recommend those for any Newbie… excellent and very reasonably priced…

As I mentioned for my first full blender task I’m interesting in exploring 3d Icons similar to this set at Yellowicon.com - Yeap the need to be 3d, I’m well skilled in Adobe Illustrator and have made Pseudo 3d Icons sets before… this time I wanted to try and learn something new via way of blender…

my question was really that I was just looking for specific blender reference… but I’m sure just doing more regular tutorials will help…

so Cheers Rickyblender - I will follow the leads you’ve given me there…

Made a mock up blend for a fairly similar result.

Unable to post attachments in this section of the forum though.

Do you have somewhere I could send the blend to if you want it?

Here’s some renders from it: