a Blur test

Hello :slight_smile:
i made this blur thingy some minuts ago, thaught you guys would like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it only me or is it link dead?

Yep, it’s dead. :frowning:

hmm. :x
il fix it as soon as posible. my pc is a little f***ed up right now

it should be working now

Awesome, I tryed it in the blender version 2.36 and 2.25 but the 2.25 ran it much better unless you were going for the 2.36 effect.

faces :smiley: I feel right at home when im watching it.

wow… nice… but not so good considering the polycount… I’m just glad that blur is avalible, but sad because u can’t use it on bigger objects…

yeah :frowning: … But it is a cool effect that you can use in your game if you want some special effects somwhere :stuck_out_tongue: