A bone system I have never seen before

Hi everyone, I am a beginner ( maybe a bit better than beginner) blender user.

I have bought an asset from unity assetstore and imported the fbx to blender for practicing.

However, the case looks like this and I have no idea what this is.

Does anyone have any idea about this type of rig? and can you please help me put the body and the bone together?


what can I do with a picture ? What kind of object is it, what’s it named, how is it parented, etc etc.

it looks like that rig is a series of empties that have been parented together. the reasoning for that is anyone’s guess, but since it came from the unity asset store and imported into blender it could be any number of things - there could have been an export error, it could have had some additional components that don’t transfer out of unity, etc. off the top of my head that figure looks like a slightly disproportioned version of the 3ds max biped.

re-attaching the body is just a matter of aligning the two and then going through parenting each part of the body to its corresponding empty. tedious, but given the simplistic character design still pretty straightforwards.

the bigger question is what you are hoping to do with it. if you’re looking to practice animating, downloading a skeletal asset intended for another software usually isn’t the most effective way. look on blendswap for some free character rigs that’ll have animator friendly setups in blender. or if you’re committed to this mesh, you’d probably want to watch some tutorials on rigging or using blender’s rigify tools to generate something yourself.

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I think I have seen this before, download autodesks fbx to fbx converter and run it through there. As far as data formats go, FBX is kinda one of those unstable radioactive formats and things sometimes go sideways when data is moved from one engine to another.