a bone's location and rotation data from within the armature when it deforms??

hi, im having some trouble!! i have made a rig with one ik target. when i move the target around the bones move fine, though i am unable to see the rotation or location of individual bones in the rig as they move. i need to resolve the rotation of one or more of these bones every frame.

i thought python might give me some insight into the rotation data of the internal bones but even with that i only can see static nonchanging local position data of the bone from where it was first placed, no matter if it has moved from the ik target or not.

any ideas are very appreciated! :slight_smile:

You really should be asking this in the Animation and rigging sub forum. And this description is so vauge I’ll warn you that while we wait for richard M to come through and move it for you we’re gonna need either screenshots or even the whole .blend to take apart to give you advice on this one.

well at least i found something else that kind of works. after exploring around the bpy module a little and trying a few things i finally found myself with this little concoction:


Im still testing it but its much easier than what i was thinking id have to do (NumPy anyone?? :stuck_out_tongue: )!!

Best of luck to all those who are trying to do something similar!

ok i got it, and the magic line is:

but you would have to customize it to your needs and it only reports while in “pose mode”

best luck to all!