A Borda do Espelho

I was trying to replicate a SS from Mirror’s Edge (and I find it a bit hard to do :stuck_out_tongue: because you don’t know if you try achieve the realism, or just keep following the SS :spin:), and I think I did pretty well :smiley:
Sorry for res and passes, I was with little time to render =/
One question… Making the TVs material was really hard, because it cant be affected by external lights (since the TV itself actually emits light). Then I tried three solutions:
1- The physically correct: Set the TV material to Emission. That made everything noisy
2- Disable the Light Paths visibility. Didn’t work. Disabled everything, except Camera rays.
3- Use Add node on the textures to make them brighter, but didn’t work too =/
Then I had another idea: Set the material to emission, then put some invisible cubes in front of them. But didn’t try this yet.
Does someone have an idea?

Anyway, say what you think :smiley:


For mirror s edge they used some speciall techniques in order to achieve that results, the game is almost entirelly photorealistic in my oppinion, First I think that you should use a renderer that could work with radiosity, because what makes mirror s edge so perfect is the collor bleed effect that is transmited from the surfaces to the walls and objects, its a very complex method of baking lights and shadows that is amazing, this is a screen from the same scene that I took when I was playing it somethime ago http://steamcommunity.com/id/leonnn1/screenshot/504639410828721128/? and you can see that everything on the scene is painted by the reflections of yellow from the walls.
If you google it you ll find a pdf that explain how they did that.