A boredom result - Doesn't look bad though

(Zion3D) #1

Today I got so (…)-ing bored that I started making a pen. And here is is.


I made it in about 15 minutes.

(DreamMaster) #2

:o Beautiful pen… looks expensive (to me?)

(valarking) #3

niiiiiiice. VERY cool reflection. wow…

(wavk) #4

You just gotta love that reflection map! Great look.

Have fun,


(Zion3D) #5

Thanks guys, here’s a little update.


And yes, it is allowed to reply to my post, wether you like it or not.

(joeyjoejoe) #6

It looks really cool, I like the way the top is textured. Really good.

(blengine) #7

thats really nice, and the reflection on it looks great