A brand new vfx simulation language that is faster than anything before

A simple physical scene can be rendered in just a few minutes on an ordinary PC. It is 188 times faster than TensorFlow and 13.4 times faster than PyTorch, and the code length is only one-tenth of other methods.

Quite excited about this but do not get “brainwashed” by the “only one tenth of the code length” bullshit, libraries like these usually reference other libraries that in themselves, contains thousands of lines of code that was built over many man hours.

So yeah…just focus on the “new vfx language” and the “faster” part.

I’ve asked this in the past at devtalk forum:

Developer Brecht’s response is:

We’ve looked at the Taichi library before and it’s definitely and interesting option for certain types of physics simulations that are not possible in Blender now.

It may happen at some point, but there are no concrete plans or timelines for it.

Thank you for sharing the feedback you have received !
I would definitely not fault the developers for not integrating it at this point, we are at the early stages.