a break in the clouds

Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve played in Blender. I’ve started a new project and I thought it would be faster to make this one up in Blender. The title is “A Break in the Clouds”. Just the preliminary stages here, lots of tweaking left to do on the lighting setup and the materials.


More updates to come!

the grass looks 2d. and the clouds should blend in. the tree is pretty cool, though

Nice, needs something in the backgound, maybe mountains. And clean up the “clouds”

Well, I was plugging away at this thing in Blender and then I ran into one of the continuing issues with Blender, volumetrics rendering. I was using a particle system for the clouds and the light is casting volumetric shadows. Well, the clouds were rendering in front of the light…not good. I tried the unified render as well.

So I went back to Lightwave %|


The tree is still made in Blender :slight_smile:

Still a lot of tweaking to do in order to get it looking the way I want. Have to add grass too.

that is confusing…

looks cool… but keep on it. The ground could use some work and the tree looks a bit straight… I think more jagged edges might help, and a rough texture…

I love the lighting on your scene!

I’m still tweaking. The ground isn’t looking very good at all at this stage so I decided to focus on the areas that I think are “finished”, the clouds, tree, and lighting. Click for a nice high-res version.