a bridge from darkness; from light

an abstraction

blender // gimp



It seems very off balance to me. Even for an abstract piece, the composition seems a little too skewed. But that’s just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The texture reminds me of a furnace duct. It’s kinda cool. :smiley:

Lol, it’s not a texture I think. It’s the deformed floor visible through the transparent bridge.
Very cool work man.

Ah! I see it now!

It’s so much cooler now that I’m looking at it the right way. :wink: Awesome work, my friend. And I apologize for any confusion I may have cause earlier. :-?

I like it, but I don’t think the dark side of the bridge should just stop there, it should keep going so you can’t see the end. IMO :wink:

whiteboy: Glad you like it :). No worries, no confusion at all.

Pavcioo: Thanks. And actually, the deformed floor is a separate layer which was composited in gimp.

Wiggie: Thank you. I wanted the bridge to end where it did to break up the symmetry between the light and dark sides of the image. I understand, though, IMO :wink: :P.



:o whoa that is so cool :smiley: very beautifull colours and what a nice effect

I am using this as my current desktop image :d

But I don’t see a cleat meaning or anything like that, it’s just a beautifull peace of abstraction…

Very nice :smiley:

Nice, like the abstraction

The material looks like chipboard to me.

lol, that would be a very devastated chipboard.

At some point it would be nice to see your works put together in sequence.

I think you should add some detail. There isn’t much depth right now. Subdivide the bridge and add some detail to it. You could also use lights and ambient occlusion/GI to make it really cool. I would say experiment with the “sub” option in AO and then add soft, intense spots for the light part only. It would make realistic shadows that would be cool. I like your materials.

Roger: Thank you :).

Kansas_15: Thanks.

Jedi Dawn: Lol, it does, now that I think of it that way :).

Pavcioo: LOL :).

GCat: What an interesting idea!!! I’ll look into that if I haven’t deleted some of them :-|.

fitchmicah: Thanks for the ideas. A lot of the detail and lighting in this image is actually compositing that has been done in gimp (eg, multiplied layers, etc.).



The texture does look like galvanized sheet metal.