A bridge Simulation

Here’s a quick bridge simulation I threw together in about an hour, it’s got some screwed up normals so just keep it in wireframe mode.
Eventually the bridge just collapses, but I’m pretty satisfied with how stable it is, considering every brick is a rigid body object.
I might get around to making some more bridges but I’m pretty much done with this one

thats cool so did you like have to do the bridge like perfect cuase that would of took forever

It didn’t take too long to do once I got the hang of it, It’s just a matter of keeping the right gap between convex hull objects.

wow… that was sweet. You need to make one with the cart going across…

good work , …

Ha fun stuff.

You should send this to Erwin. It’s a nice small fun example test scene.

Hey I updated the file to include a textured landscape and stone textures on the bridge
Here’s the file

Uh oh!!
I let it run for a few extra seconds after crossing the bridge. As it was collapsing, I went back onto the bridge.

looks like you fell victim to some faulty engineering… they don’t make bridges like they used to!

If you want it to stay there turn off no sleeping, up the friction to full and maybe up the mass.