a bug or my imagination?

suppose I have a material and I assign an image texture to that material. Then I map it to an object, e.g. an empty. I set the mapping mode to ‘cube’ and hey presto! no texture in preview window!

Activate the TexFace button in the material window.

what? Texface applies for uv textures, I’m talking about a genuine preview bug.

It’s not a bug - since the texture mapping is dependent on the location of the Empty, the preview render doesn’t know how it should appear - the preview render is not in the 3D space of your scene, just an abstract thing.

But then why does the preview work in flat and spherical preview? :expressionless: :expressionless:

I presume because the flat and spherical preview doesn’t depend on any locations in 3D space - it’s just projecting a sphere or plane from the center of the object (in the case of the preview render, the cube or sphere).