A bug with numeric input in 2.41 ?

When put cursor in order to input values of location in Windows Blender 2.41 all the original values (x, y and z) change rapidly to some fantastic ones. Only entering the field again (after an undo action) lets me preserve the original digits and change only those desired.

Anyone came across this?

Are you aware that you can rqpidly change numerical values by click-dragging the cursor left and right across the field? Is this what you’re refering to?

Note - You can snap these changes with the control key, or make small changes with the shft key.

This is a strange thing since it only happens in one scene file. When I enter edit mode and just click the input field without any moving the mouse to sides the values in the fields affected automatically jump to some quite unexpected But when I undo that unwanted action and I enter the fields again the original values stay untouched and can change them to my will. The file comes originally from 2.40.