A building that i am working on

Here is the interior of a building that i have been working on. i haven’tadded any furniture to it yet but i am going to. anyone know what i could do better? Sorry for the limted number of screenshots but my computer is really slow and these both took about an hour each to render.


Not too bad so far. But the floors are way to shiny. Kind eliminates your depth perception :stuck_out_tongue: And the first image is a bit dark. Not sure if your computer can handle AAO but more lights would help.

An hour !?! what kind of computer are you running!!!
The blue walls look a little unnatural to me something makes them look very CG. Maybe try adding a faint bump texture to them to give them more realism. Other than that looks good so far.

I have pretty bad computer but it just needs a little more memory. i want to get a new computer but haven’t had the money. Just started rendering a new angle.

Here, i rendered another angle, but i tried to fix the floor problem but the floor is still relly shiny.


If you haven’t done so already, try using another lamp with very low intensity and no ray tracing, it might help…