A bunch of jobs

Since last october I’ve been really busy working as cover illustrator for Mondadori italian book publisher. I used mainly a mix of 2d and 3d (of course The Gimp and Blender). Now I’ve had permission to post the covers, so here are some of them.:smiley:

These four are for italian translation of “The Astrosaurs” by Steve Cole:





The publisher asked me to keep the look of the original characters by Charlie Fowkes but giving them a 3D feeling. They are pure Blender renderings, just edited a bit in The Gimp for some color correction (the images look a bit blurry 'cause resizing, the originals are quite big).

These are covers for “Stone Heart” (“Cuore di pietra”) by Charlie Fletcher and “Ink Heart” (“Cuore d’inchiostro”) by Cornelia Funke:




In both cases they started as pencil sketches on paper, scanned and painted in The Gimp.
Blender has been used for a lot of details in the “texturing” (the scales on the dragon, the complex plate ornaments of the armour, etc.) and some object, as the dragon’s wings, the book and the stone plate in the dragon’s claws.
To add texturing details I had to recreate the scene in Blender by simpler meshes, unwrapped and textured with bumpmaps and lightned to match the illustration concept. The renderings have then been blended with the painted pictures in The Gimp.

Thanks for watching.

OOhh…you did a cover for Cornelia Funke… those books are pretty popular in Canada:eek:

Nice stuff- I like the Stone Heart render the most. Ink Heart has some nice normal maps as well. Congratulations on getting a commercial assignment. :yes:

I ENV U…wowowowowowowowowo…man way to go…write a tut sometime…

Great images! You’ve achieved nice cartoony felling with your “astrosaurs”. and other two are stunning! Graet work, keep us posted! it is nice to know that Blender is used for commercial projects!

Ciao Enrico,

Congrats for your job, you achieved great results. It’s nice to see some professional works made with Blender.

Hi, EnV!

Great job! I really like your style, man! Awesome to see Blender art in covers around! =D


you are verry good :slight_smile:

Thanks all for comments.:slight_smile:

Here are a few more images. Not a tut but a simple workflow diagram of the technique involved in the “Stone Heart” cover (pretty simple, as you can see, beside several steps have been skipped in the diagram; the most challenging task was to match the 3d rough shape to the sketch):


And here’s the Captain Teggs 3d model:


Thanks all.

man… what can I say?


5 stars! Great job and use of blender here!

Virgilio and Wim: thanks, really appreciated.:slight_smile:

thats great. I like the cartoon style allot!

Thank you for the insight on your work flow - that is more valuable than a tut sometimes.
Awesome work,and I appreciate the illustrator’s perspective with 3d.

Great stuff,
how did you do the toon edges on the first pic?

Poke, it’s just the Blender’s edges.

Great work. Looking so attractive.

nice little workflow images, could you perhaps post more info/screens about the rig? sorry rigs are kinda my fetish right now.

ummmm… do we see how old this thread is?


only two months?