A bunch of little animations I made

That’s most of what I have learned so far in blender, along with my other animation

I guess I am going to try to move onto facial expressions next and shape keys. Does anyone know of any good tutorials for that?

Well, I worked on a rig that used blend shapes for lip syncing.

And the shapes I used seemed to work, the url for those is:

If you have either “The Blender Essential” or “Introduction to Character Animation with Blender” By Tony Mullen, each have chapter on using shape keys. If you got both your set.

Also the next BlenderArt mag might have something for you as well. I know it deals with character animation… Or at least I think the next issue does.

Have you worked with 3D before. No real reason other than most people attack modeling or character animation first. You seemed to go for simulations, softbody, fluids, etc… Not that it matters, just kinda stuck out to me. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the info!

I think I may get one of those books…

yeah, character animations appeal to me also…but there is something about finishing that ring or jelly blob that just feels good.