A bunch of Sculpts, Stuff n Fun (nudity)

Hi there!

I want to show you some speed modeling I have recently made in sculptris. i’ve thinking about get z brush. You know i feel really confortable with sculptris, it is one of my favorite programs.

Gouki (AKA Akuma)…i’ll add some original features over it.

I like dragons

Poseable proxy eagle


Eagle.blend (1.74 MB)

Mithological Ancient Viper

Speed modeling > 2 hours

Mixing Akuma and Serpent…serpent based on Walter Bastianetto*s works (with permission).


it will need more tweaking

reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix

Aw! what a coincidence! isn*t it?. Both are mad.

Vicious Monster

Taken from a youtube timelapse. Decimating with Meshlab using Ben Simonds tutorial
Here’s the file Draco3.zip (980 KB)

Still learning sculptris, :evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:

A bust

Speed modeling…+2 hours…errr!, slow modeling.

I*ve achieved even more detailed features, also i discovered few but practical limitations on sculptris…but afterall this is pure fun!

Nariko"s divine bonker

Last model i have done

Sword set

Forged with blender, then meshlab, then sculptris, then blender, then meshlab, then sculptris, then blender with remesh modifier then nurbs, then mesh…

a heavenly sword, a hard nut to crack and it is not what i wanted.

A not so new concept art. I didn*t know where to post it.

Something is bugging me lot time ago! Nobody even use the metaballs…what a junk of potential, you can change for sure with this…

Some sort of totem of a serpent in my travel to Tikal.

Stoneserpent.zip (822 KB)

All I can say is wow. To get this good of detail on some of the models and in less than 2h is amazing. I love the Soul Gaurdian if you were to spend some more time I bet you could make it an awsome piece of work.

Thanks Rallici! Will consider this comment.

Woman of Bytes

I called her violet, she’s gonna be a release when I finish her.

An experiment to see the prebuilt models flexibility on custom morphs and characters

An attempt to recreate light jet design by Daniel Simon, David Levy and Joe Hiura. More work to do on this for sure


So I went more farther on this Jet. Updated

Too much fun on sight!!!

At the workshop!

Some practicing with blender tutorials, perhaps i like very much compositing.

Only 1 image was used on this render, why? cuz the matter of time but I’d never made a simple scene look like that!

No images were used on this too.

This one failed

excellent job and I agree , metaballs are heaving under used Blender Feature