A bunch of wips!

Ok, so instead of posting here, I made a blog with updates of all my wips! I made it using the same tech blender nation uses, wordpress.com. I currently have 2 wip projects going on right now, feel free to check 'em out and comment there! I know, why not I just post here? I have family that likes to read up on what I’m doing, and if I posted here, they’d get lost! Not saying that this site is confusing, but the majority of my family doesn’t know what a forum is, and they enjoy the navigation of word press. Commenting on the blog is just like on blender nation, input your name or screen name, and your email, then the comment! So yeah, enough of my yammering, come on over if you want!

I left this out… oops.


The internet is pretty big, leaving a link would be a a helpfull feature =)


Wow, oops…

There you go.

Looks interesting,
I’ve now added your blog to my feed.

See you around
/ Mats

thanks! I should be posting a new blog today about the walker.

A new post is up about the foot, well now it’s a leg! lol