A Bunny...

So I modeled this rabbit for one reason or another (perhaps the impending holiday, I don’t know) and I have finished the mechanical (mesh interface) part of the rigging and am unsure as to how to continue.

I would like to put some easy to use torso, arm, and head controls on the rabbit so I can go about animating. I will be investigating different approaches to the problem while I wait for answers here.

Anyone interested in the mesh to see what I’ve done, simply leave me a message here or PM me and I will provide a link.

I appreciate any kind of input you got.

And below is a picture of bunny and a screenshot of the rig at how it currently stands. :slight_smile: Enjoy!


I like the simple look on it. You should probably add a couple of bones to the ears as well.

agreed on the simplistic style, looks good. Maybe try rendering wiht some AO(for stills at least)

I will be adding bones in the ears as soon as I figure out the control bones for the torso and everything else.

I just use the single light to test mesh deformation. AO takes too long for a mesh deformation test, but the final product will be rendered with AO.

Thanks for the replies, y’all.