A button in a Blender .exe that will start an animation.


I need to create a Blender .exe, that when run, presents the user with a button. When this button is clicked, an animation then plays.

Is this possible in Blender?

I can create an .exe, and an animation using the IPO window. However, I don’t know how to create a button that starts the animation?

Any help would be much appeciated. I’ve been looking through these forums but am stuck at this stage.


Have you ever read the game engine manual?

Its a nice way to start, and you will learn a lot.

See ya.

blender.org doesn’t have enough game engine documentation

general documentation link:

gameblender docs [some, old, not great]

just poke around on http://download.blender.org/ there is a lot of good stuff there

Thanks for that. I bought the offical guide but there’s nothing in that regard the game engine. I’ll buy the Gamekit download.

Thanks for the link above… most of the tutorials I’ve found on line appear to be out of date.

since 2.25 the game engine has added only new collision types and python features

all docs for the 2.20-2.25 engine are still valid, docs from the 2.12 and 2.04 engine are out of date somewhat