A Cake in the Spirit of Blender for Suzzane

Chinese cake-shop employee answers the phone

“Hello 'dis Cyril’s Pongs,Samabula Cake, how I help you?”

Blenderhead: “I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week.”
Employee: "What you want on cake?
Blenderhead: “Best wishes, Suzanne” and underneath that “We will miss you”
Employee: “Dat all? Okay, Bye.”


That is Beautiful!

Sometimes when I am feeling good,
I will shave a notch in my wifes eyebrow, above her nose so she has 2.

dude, I think they messed your cake up o_O

I will shave a notch in my wifes eyebrow, above her nose so she has 2.

awwwwww your so sweet : )

Cake, and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the test.

… lol. Thanks WingedOne

AHAHAHAH! I love it! Under neat that…lol

Hehe… love that!
But seriously, are we losing Suzanne?

Suzanne - I hope not. She’s one of the few cool females in the BA whom everyone likes. Unless there are cool females who have yet to introduce themselves . . . .

Are we looking at The Great Blender Chick Fight of '08? If so, I got the Jell-O :smiley:

Suzzanne don’t need to enter - she want to the other contests a chance!

Heh, heh. Nice one kbot.

I just got an email claiming that this was the result of a phone-call made to a cake shop in a predominantly Asian suburb here in Aust.

Upon closer examination, it seems as though this was actually posted way back last year - it’s reported as being the result of a call to WalMart in the US.


That’s great. Makes me realize that my wife needs to make me a Suzanne cake for my birthday this year.