A calculator [cycles]

So today i started using cycles for my blender projects, this time i made a quick model (took a picture of a acalculator ans just projected it on a medium detailed model).
created a glossy material and used the same image(colmap) for spec and displace.
i used only a single environment map, no additional lamps were used.
so i think cycles rocks quite good, rendertime ca 15 min. (720p /gtx470)


a making of will be uploaded soon on my new blog:


Fantastic. Shoulda made it spell out boobies though :wink:


503- 8008135 denied :stuck_out_tongue:

most excellent result I would say:)

Looks very real, cool! :slight_smile:

for those, who might think, that this is a fake (quite plausible to think), here is a wireframe shot out of the camera view


Amazing job! I loved that calculator in school!

Wow, great job at the calculator, I can see the work you put into it.

One thing though, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the background wooden table is kinda… :spin: Don’t take that the wrong way, the texture looks great, but I think that it looks a bit off from the angle, and I’m not really sure why.


:eek: its so realistic its scary

Really great.Realistic look.I’m impressed…Can’t wait for the making of.;).Congrats.

Pure Cycles magic!

Until some months ago a render like this would have required some 24 hours baking with Luxrender…

Nah luxrender would have used 20h on my cpu :stuck_out_tongue: but because here is no glass, you cant really tell the difference between lux and cycles. so cycles is better here :slight_smile:
i wrote the making of, have fun in reading and learn how i archieved this result :wink:

have a nice day

That is so real.Great job man.

So real :Q <drool>


render looks real indeed. well done.

Wow! This looks “more real” than it could be done with a real camera :slight_smile:
Great job.

That is amazing. Great work indeed.

This is brilliant. I think i need to get around to using cycles…

I really like it a lot. Everything fits perfectly. Great job!

It looks nice.