A calendar - a set of cans..

This is intended to be a set of cans with shapes and drawings portraying my city all to be used as pages for a calendar. This is first of them modelled in Blender, with inkscape illustration and texturing-rendering from Art Of Illusion.


Great texturing! looks photorealistic to me.

Looks good. A little more shadow and it’s perfect. I like the texturing. :slight_smile:

Its got nice live-ness to it.

There needs to be some shadow around the base of the can. At the moment it
looks a bit like it’s floating…

Apart from that, great work!

It looks a bit too perfect to be real, in my opinion. There are no signs of it ever being touched, and I think some weathering on the places where it’s likely to be could help it.

Thanks for your comments.

Hmm, about the shadow and the ground. Well, this is a picture of a month, October actually, so it can’t be too real in order to remain clear, this will be a sort of symbol, an idea of a mont in my town.

About the waer and tear. This picture intended to be a print at around A4 size and it was rendered at 3000x4000 px. At that size it probably shows more diversity of the surface.

Thanks again. I will post subsequent months as I progress with my work.


Damn nice feel to your materials!