A call for Fairy Models (animated fbx)!

We all know that all uber photoreal modelers and animators have a secret cache of low res fairy models that never see the light of day! :smiley: Set them free for a new life!

For real, Im a professional programmer and tech exec that has taken up the hobby of making kids games for my friends and family. These are mainly for girls, aged 3-7 years old, as for some reason that seems to be what we were all blessed with. Im putting together a new ipad game called Secret Forest, a touch-to-move, top-down, partial-3d adventure game. Its real simple stuff for kids: you run around, help animals, collect gems, talk to friends, etc.

My request: Id like to incorporate a few low-rez, mobile-suitable 3d models of some fairies for the game. Modelling and animating is not my thing, so Iโ€™d greatly appreciate any volunteer assets. Ideally, theyโ€™d be ready to go with simple move/fly animations in .fbx. Ill happily give you a credit on the app and a copy of the finished app for distribution to your own friends and family.

Warm regards to all and a happy 2015!