A camping trip...with Yoshis

Kind of simple, but here it is: http://blender.sixmonkeys.geek.nz/albums/Toomai/May_Desktop.sized.jpg The Yoshis are meant to be human-like, it’s my personal style. I used particles for the grass because I don’t use scripts. I’m going to use the bigger version as my desktop in May.


Interesting. It doesnt really look like Yoshi but as you say its your style. Everything looks simple as you said. The pole for the umbrella looks too thick. The fire wood probally shouldnt look shiny like it does. Other than that its pretty good.

You could have a few of them sitting down…

I dont think all of them would be in that same pose either,lol

The game Yoshi’s island friggen rocks, so i reward you with a gold star

Gold star ----> *

Good Job

text is casting shadows + could use some antialiasing

I don’t see the point of the conversation (i suppose that the tree or grass id going to catch fire), but looks like a nice scene :wink: