A car artificial intelligence test what do you think

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Car IA Update

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Car IA Update

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why not make the yellow box go directly to the target blue box ?

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doesn’t work very well

  • rename the waypoints : waypoint0, waypoint1, … , waypoint6
  • set ‘waypointpos’ property of the yellow box on ‘1’
  • put yellow box on ‘actor’ and do this (click on image to enlarge)

  • i didn’t look at the car. But it seems ok even if it looks a bit complicated

edit : move the farm between the waypoint6 and waypoint0 :slight_smile:


  • put “Actor” on the Cube only and not on Player (not necessary)
  • “waypointpos” property of Player has to be on 0 (not on 1) . (Mixed up all those properties )
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doesn’t work help haha :sweat_smile:

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you mean :

  • it doesn’t work. Help me (again)
  • my help doesn’t work (it does :confused: )
  • your work needs more help (haha)

edit : i saw your email. let me check. Ok, i answered. To debug your python scripts better open the terminal to detect errors …

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The reason it works the way it does is the original example had a curved track:

Your solution works fine when placed in a situation where all the tracks only have 90 degree bends but completely breaks in the original curved example unless adding far too many waypoints, when 3 waypoints is enough for a track with no branching. If @HoraTimer wants to go back to curved tracks again, this solution is effectively broken.

Also I don’t understand why the number of waypoints is now hardcoded. He has to manually change the count with any new waypoint.

The solution is to make better use of the navmesh, not rely purely on the waypoints. Actually following a curve would be the best solution, but I couldn’t find a way to use curves other than to rely on a navmesh for that.

How did all the materials become white also…

Heres a nice little video demonstrating making better use of navmeshes and relying less on waypoints.

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yes, it’s indeed even better. I just relied of the checkpoints disregarding the functionality of the navmesh ( coz personnal bad experience with navmesh)