A car chase on route 66 !!!

I just finished my work on animating cars on route 66 …
this was for me a test to use mocap bvh files … and cars modelisation exercice.
Hope you’ll like…

That’s pretty darn good. The camera work is very well done.

Steve S

Yes, this is amazing for sure! Great work on this! :smiley:

The only fault was that the material was flickering on both car models during the animation.

This is really well done… I think your wheels are rotating in the wrong direction on the Camaro. From about 1:31 -1:43 it seems that you were only rotating the sidewalls and not the whole tires when moving. Because of the camera angle it was pretty apparant. But as someone else mentioned, you had really great camera work.

But besides that, this was really good, I admire the realistic motion of the car on the fast breaking and the peel outs. I must say that the road environment was really good.

Fantastic job…and who doesn’t love a good car chase :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your words …

To XeroShadow : I know about the flickering but i can t explain what has happen ? may there were not enought lights ?
To harleynut : The wheels are rotating in the good direction but the level of the rotation was a bit highter than i was needed so… with the motion and the framerate we think it s in the bad direction …

Thank you again…

No, the lighting is fine. You might want to check the materials or the normals on the cars. Chances are that not all of the faces’ normals are not facing the same way.

Great work, Crapulostudio! You did very well in making a car chase that was interesting and fun to watch; especially for one so long! I agree that the camera work was very good, and I imagine it made the workflow a little easier. Learning how to use the camera to tell the story is a great skill, and reduces the amount of work necessary in other areas.

That being said, the animation of the cars is also very good! The movements were very energetic, but not cartoony or outlandish. It would have been really great to have seen smoke from tires! Maybe in a future video?

Again, excellent work! I have to ask, was it difficult working with the BVH files in Blender? I’m looking to get into working with motion capture later next year for my own videos.

Oh, and you could also check for any intersecting geometry that might be causing those flickering spots. It’s possible you could have faces that are occupying the same space.

Thk you very much James …
About the BVH files, it was enought hard to understand at the beginnig, but after differents way found on the web, i used a proper style that is not the best quality but the easiest one (we can see that the shoulders of the policeman at the end are very large …i didn t arrived to make it better)…still time to improve …

Thank to all again, i m happy that you liked it.

cool, I like car chases :slight_smile: