A car renders need to improve

I have no idea how to improve my renders,I need to do better :(
Hope For reply , sorry for bad english。。。:D:D:D

Please post in the correct forum. This is not discussing blender, it’s discussing your render.
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It seems like a really nice model. Maybe make a studio environment and use some hdrs. http://zbyg.deviantart.com/art/HDRi-Pack-2-103458406 http://zbyg.deviantart.com/art/HDRi-Pack-3-112847728 hope this helps

I think you already have a very good render here, Marco! The windshield material is a very nice touch.

How long is the camera lens set to? You may like the results of a longer lens. Try setting the camera to 150 or 200 mm, and seeing if you like that perspective better. Apparently, they often use longer lenses in professional car photography. It will mean more of the car will be seen. You’ll just need to move the camera further away to maintain the same composition.

Yeah, my attention is focused to the grill imidiatly since this is the only area in focus. Its pretty difficult to make out ( look at ) the rest of the car. You have to somewhat force yourself to it since its unsharp and out of focus. So i would suggest to go with a bigger focal lenght setting too. The rest ( modeling, light, texture ) is excellent an very well made :slight_smile: .

I have no idea with a longer lens,I set focus length to 150mm,it a little distortion,not same with camera,it make me trouble

I realy like the windshield material too.
Maybe you can show us your node setup for it?

Higher quality textures for the background.

Maybe a grunge map on the car.